Vijana Academia is a skill’s, knowledge, exposure exchange and sharing platform established to facilitate naturally spontaneous learning as part of other activities.
We utilize professionally organized hands-on activities, seminars, workshops, camps, togetherness activities, and continuous expert development that aim at increasing skills and knowledge that covers gaps.
We have designed best models which cater for the basic needs of the learner to enable them establish strategies that are compatible with reality. This non-formal learning approach is found attractive to effectively meet the needs of the individual persons and their communities at large.

We are designed to nurture ground breaking traits of our clientele by taking them through relevant interactions, activities and experiences that enable them transform their life skills. Time and again, the one thing between success and failure in business is team work. That is; how the members think, engage and collaborate on organizational matters. We have built this entity as knowledge and skills pathway with experts that are well groomed and experienced to give you the best doses of life changing capabilities.
We are part of you and part of the society duly connected with studying and thinking, geared to ensure usefulness of our existence.


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Working on both virtual and physical programs that ignite and sustain the best of skills and characters of the trainees, be assured of obtaining the finest grade of nurture ready to make you not only relevant today but also taking your mind to think for the future. In an environment or community concerned with the pursuit of; Research, education, training, mentoring, coaching and scholarship,

We hope to build the best of employable and business characters that are self-driven, creative, assertive and hardworking. Through our well prepared non-formal learning experiences, we take your business acumen to the next level in this volatile work and business environment.

Our Mission

To provide transformative experiences for our trainees focused on; uncontested performance with deep knowledge of self-discipline; problem solving; leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills; and personal health and well-being

Our Vision

Transformed and successful business enterprises with dynamic innovations and bonded personnel ready to take up business challenges as one person, one team and one organization.

Our Core Values

We believe we must, therefore we triumph as individuals and as a team.

Everyone, no matter his/her background and experience has valuable traits and abilities. It’s our responsibility to nurture them for team success; diverse teams to deliver beyond their component parts.

Continuity of Learning
This is a lifelong process, and in today’s marketplace, it’s extremely essential; as we surely expect and love change.

We believe in transparency, sharing and open working. Remarkable things happen when information is available to skilled and interested people.

Happiness Activities
Fun has a vital role in the workplace as it helps to encourage everyone to participate and share their brilliant ideas.