Educational Camps

Get your child to this highly supervised program during this summer months / long holidays. This camp is designed to allow children learn new skills in a safe nurturing environment and have a lasting psychological impact on personal development.

IT & Creativity camp

We aim create imagery for positive use of online opportunities and resources. Our focus on technology gives you vast exposure to enable you catch and utilize the current IT trends for acquisition, development and sustenance of your important skills.

Entrepreneurial Development Camp

Get to broaden your business acumen in this highly volatile world. Regain your conception and interest in many otherwise unknown areas of business through ignition of inert traits.

Vijana Agency Talent Development Camp 2022

We provide you the opportunities to nurture traits to support creativity, happiness and transformative business ideas in subjects like Art and performing arts, photography, sports community service, drama, video production, comic book design, cooking, public speaking etc.

Vijana Agency Sports Camp (12 – 17 years) January 2023

Get our instructors and coaches of local teams give valuable extra time for the participants during the camp. Sports camps succeed at challenging aspiring athletes both mentally and physically, and also promote their social and leadership skills. They do much more than just improve a participant’s talent; but they help each participant to become a more skillful athlete, a more gracious competitor, a more committed team player, and a more confident person.


You don’t need to undergo stressful encounters to get an internship placement. Benefit from our broad databases of business, not-for-profit, local and international companies and agencies to enable you practice your hard and soft skills with reputable companies. Make your choice from a variety of Ugandan company, International Company as well as the famous AIESEC program

Vijana Academia Fix

Certainly offered as one-off / periodical short-programs, we cover areas that have been found to be of great value to teams. Fully conducted in-house as well as open, public workshops, structured basing on the demand of the clientele. We plan, organize and implement workshops that focus on hard skills of a particular task but also designed to nurture your soft skills as well.

Vijana Academia Power

Designed to provide you with enjoyable, inspirational and motivational avenues, VAP platform is your answer. We mean to enable you design the life you want, bring out your own brilliance and resources so that you can achieve excellence and create purposefully extraordinary lives. You are moved in action to accelerate your progress through awareness of life possibilities that exist to create fulfilling lives. Get molded to make effective tools and techniques to benefit you discover your own solutions to achieve both personal and team goals. Catch us on our social media platforms to view videos and publications on our several topics

Vijana Academia Community

The philosophy of charity and human values is vested in all our activities. We give back to society out of care and compassion. We are because of you and thus we shall continue together.